Prelaunch Phase


The Perfect Start!

Our prelaunch phase is part of our development process, where we take the time to understand your business,and how we can improve your marketing efforts with our specialized digital strategies. Here is a complete guide to our prelaunch phase and each step we take along it:

We review your current marketing abilities to see where you are at and how we can utilize your current marketing power to increase your company’s reach. Customizing analytics is our next step, where we will go through your analytics data and identify the right target audience. This sets your digital marketing campaign up for success.

When the campaign goes live, we monitor your performance by utilizing the latest customized KPI dashboards. This gives us a benchmark for how well you have been doing and where improvement can be made. If you have yet to find influencers to promote your company, we canhelp you find influencers who will effectively support your brand and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

After gathering the information necessary to set SMART goals, which we will aim to meet throughout the campaign, we will produce these goals on spreadsheets that give you an understanding of where you should be at during each step.

We clearly define the approach with all our client’s campaigns. We look at the ads we will be placed, where and how we will be placing them, and various other parts of the campaign that determine its success.



In-depth Insights

We provide you with in-depth insight into your target audience by analyzing their recorded behavior when reacting to your brand.



Our experts utilize their knowledge to find out how effective your current marketing and branding areto determine useful improvements.


Pro Audit

We can conduct a full audit of your brand and create benchmarks to guide the development phase.


Competitor Research

We will use our resources to determine your competitors, how they are ranked in your industry, and how we can out-market them with our proven techniques.



We launch a campaign unlike any other, allowing you to stand out against your competitors and present the unique personality if your brand to potential customers.


Finding Influencers

Most brands useinfluencers to support their business and push products or services. We take the time to analyze their performance, to determine whether you are getting the best reach possible.