Communications and Implementation: Customer Acquisition


This is the phase that you are most likely looking forward to. This is when all the analytical, design, and setup work bears fruit, and you begin to see the impact of everything you’ve done so far using our solutions. This is the phase that produces results.

First, we begin with a full-scale launch of your digital marketing campaign. We take the content our team created throughout the development phase andstart timed releases that engage with customers without being overwhelming or spammy. This is the first step towards watching your digital marketing campaign be a success.

Next, we utilize all the analytical tools we put into place to monitor the general success level of your marketing campaign and relay all of our information back to you to maintain a 100% transparent line of communications. This line of communication is maintained throughout the campaign and after its completion.

Our SDKs and Pixels tell us more about how your audience is reacting to your campaign. As we monitor clicks, view time, link follows, and every other aspect of your audience’s behavior, we can gauge the reception of your campaign on a more personal level. This allows us to understand your audience better and adjust or recommend other solutions depending on your audience’s behavior.



Effective Monitoring

As we continue to release the content created during the developmental phase, we maintain thorough monitoring and make any needed adjustments until your campaign is over.



To make the most out of this phase, which is mostly maintaining contact and implementing decisions made during the development phase in a timely manner, we place a focus on our communication efforts.



We work closely with you to keep you informed about your campaign and manage relationships with influencers, platforms, and more.



This is when everything comes together, and despite its simplistic appearance, it's one of the most active parts of our approach. Ensuring that everything goes to plan and that resources are allotted appropriately is a constant concern, and our team of experts takes this phase very seriously.



Our team of experienced digital experts use their knowledge to review and adjust the campaign to achieve our client’s objectives and KPI’s.



Our customized dashboards provide live and meaningful data of our client’s running campaigns. Each campaign has original scorecards and alerts, that provides accurate progress of achieving our client’s goals.