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Why should I create Product/Service Demo Videos?

Are you unable to convey your product’s value to your audience? Try making a demo video!

What is a demo video?

A product demonstration video explains how your product works by displaying it in action. Demo videos for business are a unique and fascinating way to communicate your product’s value to proposed customers.

You need to understand the product demos to create an instructional type of video- an important skill to upgrade.

But don’t be annoyed! Creating a demo video can be a cakewalk if you utilize appropriate tools and a bit of planning.

Below we’ve listed four quick steps explaining how you can create a product demo video:

Step 1: Plan your demo video.

Avoiding to plan is planning to fail. To design a successful demo video strategy, there are a few factors you must include. You must take enough time to think before plunging into recording the video.

As you plan your product demo, don't forget to include the following elements:

  • Describe the product

A high-level short intro that will keep your audience engaged.

  • Provide a solution

While it can be fascinating to concentrate solely on features, be sure to call out the pain points that your product can resolve for your audience.

  • Show how the product works.

Illustrate the product in action. Remember not to go in EXTREME detail, though. A demo video doesn’t certainly need to show all the steps. This can be better achieved with Business Service Demo Videos.

And keep it comparatively brief.

  • Provide the audience with a clear call-to-action (CTA)

After the video, mention a clear, precise next step for your audience to take, such as download a trial, buy now or request more information.

Once you’ve analyzed these elements, it's convenient to write a script and a storyboard to have a substantial foundation for your product video.

Step 2: Start with a template.

You might believe that you have to design a product demo video from scratch, but I’ll let you in on a hidden mystery:

You don’t have to recreate the basics or gaze at a blank screen to make a great demo video.

Try using a template! There numerous platforms offering a simple product demo template that works perfectly with your requirements. This template is termed "feature demo."

Moreover, many platforms offer customizable features too! You can change logos, fonts, colours, and more to meet your product branding. You may also come across templates that provide free music for the background.

Step 3: Record your product or service while in action

To apprehend a software program in action, you'll need a tool that will let you record your screen. Screen record features that include Fluvid, Screen-O-Cast, FreeCam, CamStudio, and many more are widely offered.

Once you have your product dragged to your computer, you may crave to walk through the product illustration a few times for practice.

Be careful of the aspired dimensions of your finished video as you record. Developing and resizing can result in low quality. Considering the output size as you record will assure that your complete video is crisp and clear.

If you wish to record your story as you manifest, you will want to capture your microphone. The script can be recorded separately as a voiceover after you've captured the onscreen action.

Now, you're all set to click the record button and walk through your demonstration.

Step 4: Edit your Video

Now comes the entertaining part – editing your video! If you’re in the initial stage, don’t panic. Many tools offer the feature of editing your video efficiently.

You can simply trim your video, infuse an animated intro, add audio narration, add some animated effects, and a lot more. Review the complete library of instructional tutorials to familiarize yourself with all of the convenient options. Use the storyboard you planned to guide you.

While there are innumerable available editing options, there’s no need to go overboard. Keep it manageable so that your audience can concentrate on what you’re trying to convey.

Editing with templates

If you used a template to design your video, even better! Your editing process will be faster and efficient.

With the template you eventually laid out on your timeline, it's as easy as taking your screen recording and dumping it into the placeholder.

This won’t eliminate the other items and consequences from the template, but everything is customizable. You can freely modify the transitions and cheaper third graphics as you see fit.

Bonus! Reuse your template

Now that you have your demo video built out the way you want, here comes the excellent part: you can repurpose your template!

Once your video is created, you can actually preserve your achieved demo video as a template. That way, the following demo video you make will have all of your brand components ready to go.

The only thing you’ll have to do is swap out some writing and your screen recording.

It’s that easy!

Creating a product demo video is simpler than you think!

There you have it! In just a few simple steps, you can be the pleasing creator of a product demo video. So if you're looking for professionals to create a demo video, then get in touch with the experts now:

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