Development Phase


Taking things to the next level.

The development phase is when we start preparing your campaign for launch. We are not quite at the part where your ads are showing up on the internet, but we are putting together the materials that are crucial for its success upon launch. Here’sa detailed guide to our development phase:

• Content creation is the first step. This is when we build simple content such as social media posts, press releases, and other content that is quick and easy, but less likely to cause engagement. We get this step out of the way before focusing on more engaging content.

• Asset creation is a lot like content creation, but it is a bit more focused and based around completed work.

Then we start creating videos, banners, and other forms of content that are more appealing to your audience,which receives most of its information from videos and popups. This content is some of the most critical content your campaign will use. We ensure that this essential content accurately represents your brand and promote engagement from potential customers.

The next step is to focus on your media. These are your company’s websites and other marketing channels that your company owns entirely. We will not make banner ads for random high traffic sites during this step (we will later on).

We will begin creating newsletters and landing pages that will aid in your digital marketing campaign.

During this step, we focus on the bulk of your social media accounts. We focus on creating engaging content for major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This content must grab the attention of viewers immediately,which is why we recommend you let our professional creative team handle it.

Getting your ads to the right consumers at the right time is the only way to guarantee engagement. We spend time researching whom we should target your ads at, where we should publish those ads, and when the best time to do so.

We further develop our targeting strategy byfocusing onspecific social media platforms andanalyzing past social media-based approaches. We monitor the response that your campaign starts to receive(which consists of the simple content for social media), andanalyze it to reflect on the prelaunch phase and make any needed adjustment to our digital strategy.

Finally, we analyze your channel preferences to determine what the best ongoing approach will be throughout the campaign. This information allows us to determine which approach is performing the best, where we need to boost performance, and where we can redirect resources from. However, you are finally at the stage where your digital media campaign is ready to go into full swing.




We create catchy twitter posts that boost engagement. The short snippets of information are what makes an engaging post, which is why we dedicate a significant amount of time in the development phase to get them right.



We integrate our analytical tools into your campaign to keep track of its performance, and we utilize the data from your pastdigital campaigns to maximum our results.



We create the Pixels or Java snippet tags that record the behavior of site visitors. Once your campaign begins, these will give us invaluable information on the behavior of your customers.



We transform your social media pages. We apply SDKs and Pixels to give us insight into how the pages are performing during your campaign.



We set up Google analytics and further adjusting your tags. We also add SDKs to your Twitter account. We will show youthe progress of your campaign in this phaseina manner that is clear and understandable to you.



Agency analytics allow us to increase our analytical power and generate progress reports. This information provides us with a guide to begin designing our approach to targeting.