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Is Your Store Ready for mCommerce? Take Advantage of the Changing Trend in the Middle East!

Mobiles have been a hot topic of discussion over the years. It is not something that can be ignored; when we think about eCommerce in the Middle East. There is no denying that mobile commerce or mobile app development for eCommerce is the next big thing. If we look at the mobile commerce statistics in Kuwait and the Middle East, the total market size shows a positive trend in recent years.

Last year, there were 4.14 million active internet users found in Kuwait. In terms of mobile internet users, 78% of the total population was using mobile devices to browse the internet. Additionally, 36% of the total population of Kuwait preferred purchasing products or services online last year.

Along with these statistics, there are two crucial things to be aware of. First, the exponential rise of digital marketing in Kuwait and spending on eCommerce mobile app development. Whether you are a small startup or an established online retailer, developing a mobile app for your eCommerce business is a must-to-have today. Mobile apps have created a new trend of mCommerce and it is growing faster than ever! It takes your target audience exclusively on the hand-held devices while replacing conventional desktop user experience.

Okay, so is there any difference between mCommerce and eCommerce?

Well, if you feel a little confused between these two terms, do not worry! While fundamentally, these two terminologies are different. mCommerce could be considered as an extension of eCommerce, but it provides additional services over regular eCommerce such as:

  • Booking tickets and onboarding services
  • Leverage from the location-based services
  • Enabling mobile banking
  • Buying digital contents
  • Enable contactless payments and more

Why is mCommerce essential for the businesses?

Refine the shopping experience of the customer

When we talk about digital marketing in Kuwait, businesses focus on the customer journey and their shopping experience. A simple yet engaging shopping experience is what Middle Eastern consumers want. This makes mCommerce or eCommerce mobile apps worth investment for small business owners.

Such apps utilize in-built features on mobile devices, resulting in running digital services much effectively than conventional desktop browsers. This enables the seamless performance of apps and improves the overall user experience. Apps are a lot easier to remember, compared to standard eCommerce websites. In addition to this, mobile eCommerce ensures the security of the customers due to the strict policy of app stores. All these factors of mobile platforms boost the overall shopping experience.

A lot more advanced when it comes to providing real-life customer support

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral part of any online business. Having a mobile app enables businesses to cater to their customers more effectively through direct communication, live chat, and messaging centers. This helps online retailers improve their response times. Always staying in touch with your target audience can quickly reduce their concerns and cart abandonment rates.

Put your internet connectivity worries aside!

With the mCommerce, your customers' do not need an internet connection to use the services. All they have to do is to download the application and start using it! If you have hired a professional eCommerce app development company, you can have a significant amount of content stored within the app itself, which can be accessed without any internet connection by the users.

Let your audience know what's new with push notifications                          

One of the fantastic capabilities of having a mobile eCommerce app is that you can use push notifications to establish a direct link between your consumers about your latest deals and products. It gives control to the users to decide upon enabling or disabling such notifications, meaning you can take care of your customer's interests.

Ways to get your online store ready for mCommerce

A mobile application for your eCommerce business is not only technological innovation, but it is essential for a noticeable identity online. It takes a lot of skills and efforts to establish any mCommerce application. Begin by choosing a platform selection, type of app, UI/UX design, and target audience analysis. These decisions can be hard to make, which is why it is highly recommended to find a professional and well-established eCommerce app development company.   

However, there are a couple of tools such as no-code platforms, like GoodBarber, IBuildApp, BuildFire, which are online services that empower online retailers to create fantastic shopping applications with a small budget.

Take Advantage of the Changing Trend

The mobile era started a few years ago in the Middle East. As mobile shopping continues to rise, having a mCommerce application is a future-proof solution for the small and big online retailers due to the reasons already discussed. What is your take on this? Want to get expert advice for your digital marketing Kuwait or eCommerce mobile app development needs? Get in touch with our experts now!

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