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A general review of the latest video marketing trends

The way social media has boomed the market with the latest video marketing trends has become popular than ever. 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming significantly significant, which has become fascinating across other businesses, enabling them to adapt to their digital marketing strategies.

Experts anticipated that people spend more daily minutes watching videos over the next few years. The result will be reflected in more publicity investing in online video orders to drive more major engagement.

It is an excellent opportunity for those who produce videos. It also explicates that businesses will have more rivals in this space. For instance, the way email marketing channel makes it more challenging to be observed in overloaded inboxes and be useful to customers; marketers will strive to engage from videos as the industry becomes drenched.

Hence, to stay ahead, businesses need to opt for professional video marketing services & deliver videos at the right time, focusing on engaging video content & creation with the latest techniques.

So here we present some latest trends in video marketing that will help you make a better decision for your marketing strategy:

1. Shoppable Videos

As we already know, the popular social media platforms- Instagram & Snapchat are the heroes of video sharing, allowing users to link to external websites when required. This year, it is expected that several other brands may directly link their videos to products and services, making it easy to buy. 

This trend practices “shoppable videos" to broadly engage users and walk them through the conversion pipe until they find comfort to become paying customers. Video marketing makes it effortless to seek the attention & convince them to buy from your online store than your competitors by showcasing what your brand has to offer.

When you make your purchasing process seamless for online shoppers, you will witness an increase in your sales & attract new customers. Video content is a direct and straightforward way for your audience to discover your products and help them make buying decisions.

2. Vlogging

When you merge videos with blogging, it becomes vlogging-which is not a new concept. However, experts that suggest that by 2021, this concept will witness a new hype. Your buyers want to feel connected with the brand they invest in. With various options available, specifically eCommerce, shoppers can be picky about the brand they're buying from.

If you want to build brand authenticity & earn your customer's trust, Vlogging is all you need to achieve. Businesses can utilize vlogging techniques to move their customers through the sales funnel, such as behind-the-scenes. It will help them to know your team & a glimpse of your new products.

It's essential to build solid customer relationships from inception to engage customers and boost your ROI.

3. Personalization

If we talk about email campaigns, it is usually designed as per customer preferences. You would not send out an email without customizing it as per your customer needs. The same goes for video content. No matter what type of content you showcase, it's crucial to personalize it to your target audience, increasing conversions & boosting business growth.

Personalized video marketing utilizes concrete data and consumer feedback to create appropriate and helpful content for viewers. I suppose you've got a manufacturing unit of kitchen suppliers & you end up doing the cooking; not only would you not sell any companies, but you would lose customers based on the confusing messages you're conveying.

4. Interactive videos

Every business is witnessing the positive impact of merging and integrating interactive content into their marketing strategies, whether through social media, email, or any other channel. Interactive videos capture the audience's full attention & keep them engaged for longer, making it seamless to push them to take action- which is ultimately buying your products.

Some common characteristics of interactive videos cover:

  • 360-degree access: Users can scroll multiple ways inside the video to get a full view.
  • Hotspots: Areas where users can tick and interact with the video in more detail. 
  • Branching: Users can pick their path and customize content based on their preferences.

Interactive videos are best for businesses because they’re trackable and can offer relevant user data for future marketing strategies. Marketers can examine insightful metrics such as the dwell times, paths users take, skips, repeated watches, and more.

Leveraging Video Trends to Improve Sales

Countless ways for your business can leverage videos to establish a loyal clientele and encourage sales. What's essential is that you know your target audience and offer them worthy content that leads them through the sales funnel. If you're looking to hire the best Video marketing agency in Kuwait, connect with us today.

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